Wealth Management and Investment Advice

wealth management surrey investment adviceWhat We Do

Wealth Management specialists serving Epsom and surrounds, we combine pension, tax, legal and investment advice with financial planning and wealth management in one integrated Service. Two owner directors work with Clients to design, implement and manage highly personalised wealth management strategies, which are continuously revised to reflect changing needs and circumstances.

Client assets are consolidated and managed on our Wealth Management Platform offering an unrestricted universe of investments and tax wrappers. Clients have online access to their Accounts, and to some unique investment, tax and trust based wealth management solutions. We bind all the above features together with down-to-earth investment advice and intensive personal attention to create desired outcomes.

Working Together

We provide as much investment advice and guidance as Clients wish. Our success is founded on common sense and method, not mystique and magic dust. Capital preservation, steady growth and risk control are our watchwords. We work closely with Clients from Epsom, Surrey and beyond to achieve their goals by assisting them to maintain structure, balance, diversification and discipline in all market conditions.

Our close working relationships with Clients optimise the effectiveness of individual wealth management strategies. Daily monitoring and ad-hoc and formal Wealth Management Reviews are supplemented by weekly Bulletins updating Clients with essential investment advice and news. Our site archive is updated with all Bulletins to serve as a permanent record of the quality and accuracy of our investment advice.

How We Are Paid

Reporting and set-up fees may apply at outset. Thereafter all wealth management and investment advice services are covered by all-inclusive annual fees deducted from Accounts linked to assets under advice, offset by heavily discounted investment costs. We aim to more than repay our fees via tax efficiency, cost savings, constant monitoring, structural and investment advice, knowhow, and sheer experience.

Our Clients from the Epsom and Surrey areas to expatriates all round the world, are our business - so we have aligned our own fortunes 100% with theirs. Our Clients know that any measures we suggest are self evidently designed to enhance their wealth, because our success is determined solely by theirs. No model more clearly and obviously places Clients' interests first.

Key Benefits Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA)

From our offices in Carshalton Beeches, Surrey we cover Epsom, Ewell, Ashtead, Leatherhead, Banstead, Chipstead and surrounding Surrey areas.